Little League Baseball Returns to St. Croix

Little League Baseball returned to St. Croix on Saturday when the Elmo Plaskett Little League Eastorganization kicked off Opening Day with a parade and three games.   Dozens of people lined the streets to see the Little League teams walk from Fort Christiansvaernto the David C. Canegata Ball Parkto see baseball and softball played on the field again.

This year is the 50thanniversary of the Elmo Plaskett Little league, and organizers honored Ms. Luz Armstrong at the opening ceremony with flowers and a plaque.  She was also the opening season’s parade marshal during Saturday’s parade.

Fans and members of the community were happy to see the league restarted. More than a dozen teams attended the opening season ceremony.  Lisa Thomas has been coaching softball for nearly 30 years, and she says it’s important for the students.  “I got a lot out of it and I decided that it’s my turn to give back and do what I could do to give to others,” said Coach Thomas.

Assistant Coach Wendy Wynter says it’s not hard to teach the students.  “First of all it takes discipline and the girls have to be willing to learn and willing to take critique,” said Coach Wynter.

The Lady Lions also play for the public school league, and they have been St. Croix district champions for the last two year’s running, and the Territorial champs during the 2016-2017 school year. They hope they can claim the top spot for the Elmo Plaskett Little League East division.

The season’s opener featured three games.  The Elmo Plaskett Little League West organization will also open their season with a parade and games on Sunday in their district.  Saturday’s parade was led by the St. Croix Educational Complex marching band.




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